North Toe River with Loafers Glory

Frequently Ask Questions

You get wet! You are sitting in water already. We do not close or give refunds for rain or chance of rain.

If you are already on the river we cannot pick you up before the takeout. We suggest you paddle over to the bank and sit in your float and wait it out. Most of the time thunder/lighting lasts 15 minutes or so and moves on.

Yes- key storage is available at the check in counter.

No. Vans will be picking up other folks while you are floating. Also, the van that dropped
you off, may not be the same van that picks you up. Just leave those items in your vehicles. It is a 5 minute ride from the takeout back to our outpost.

Sure, if they are 18 years of age and legal to sign our waiver. We are not in the day care

You get left. We do not wait on folks. It just isn’t fair to the other people who arrived on time, and it throws off our drop off and pick up schedules. You will be moved to the next time slot, providing we have availability.

Sorry, no dogs allowed. Or cats, opossum, raccoons, etc…

No. You may call the shop, we sometimes have a local that will run a shuttle for you. No guarantees.